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    • June 8, 2023
    • by Matt Fulmer
    • Complaint

    The business is an extortionist

    The business is an extortionist. They provided me with flimsy details about their product's size. After I got it and questioned them about the issue, they advised me to "rig it"! Therefore, I returned the unopened item per their directions and return authorization number. They refused to provide an exchange and then conned my credit card provider into not allowing me to challenge the charges. Finding another firm to buy these types of goods is highly recommended. Please do not fall for the scams I was.

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Mikki Wagner
    • Complaint

    They are unprofessional and shady. Beware of these people!

    I'd never even rate one rating. Service was utterly incompetent. One of the worst experiences I've ever experienced. They tell lies and then attempt to convince you. They are unprofessional and shady. Beware of these people!

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Kelly Castillo
    • Complaint

    the worst experiences

    I purchased a backup cam from this vendor which was among the worst experiences I've had recently. The camera and monitor I purchased were shipped without any instructions, and I needed pay for someone else to set up. The seller told me the item is wireless and that it comes with all the required elements needed for installation in a wireless network. However, the installation technician told me the wireless products that they supplied were not sufficient and that they had install an electrical device. This made it more expensive for the installation. The representatives selling the products of Tadi aren't knowledgeable about their products. For this reason, purchasing from the internet proved to be extremely unpleasant. Also, I had a difficult time getting the list of installers I needed by the seller (Tadi).

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Christie Rollins
    • Complaint

    Avoid this merchant

    Products received, DOA. Called customer service on several occasion and could not get a person on the phone nor e-mail response. Worse online transaction ever!!! Avoid this merchant.

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Erika Vreeland
    • Complaint

    The instructions are plentiful, but are "one size fits all

    I purchased the TadiBrothers backup camera system: Pickup truck wireless seven inch mirror monitor and license plate/frame camera. All was delivered in about 10 days. The installation was reasonably intuitive. The instructions are plentiful, but are "one size fits all!" In other words, none of my backup system components looked like the pictures shown in the graphic instructions; you have to know how to "read between the lines." The 7" mirror backup camera system functioned, but it was woefully useless in my circumstances. I have a small pickup truck and during daylight hours, the light flooding into the cab was so bright, it was totally impossible to see the transmitted image in the mirror monitor. The angle of view for the backup camera was 90deg, not the 120deg angle advertised on the TadiBrothers' website. I checked the angle by triangulation. I emailed TadiBrothers who responded by suggesting replacement of the "defective" 90deg camera and swapping the mirror for a seven inch monitor. They even offered to pay for shipping of the returned components. I accepted. The replacement license plate camera still has the 90deg viewing angle, not the 120deg advertised. I found the 90deg to be sufficient for my purposes, so I accepted it. I have the new monitor mounted under the dash out of the light. It works adequately, but the colors are not reproduced faithfully. No amount of adjustments of color, hue, brightness, or contrast could improve the color. CONCLUSION: My TadiBrothers backup camera system is acceptable for viewing low and behind. They did come through with something that works for me. My only suggestions are that TadiBrothers should make their instructions more system specific and investigate why they sold me a 90deg camera instead of the 120deg camera advertised. Also, they need to warn customers of the inadequacy of the mirror type monitor. I feel TadiBrothers' intentions are good, but I think their backup camera systems need serious company scrutiny.

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Keith Draper
    • Review

    A bit difficult to get an exact reply from the Customer Service

    A bit difficult to get an exact reply from the Customer Service. Problems with rear-view mirror monitor. The suggestion to separate the screen from light by using cardboard are absurd. The company also stated that the excess light was reflected back to the camera. They provided me with a sunshade that required to be altered to make it fit, and wasn't able to fix the problem.

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Robbie Wilkinson
    • Review

    The system and the Furrion setting up did not function

    The system and the Furrion setting up did not function. Tech support attempted to help but with no success. The system was returned after the return department sent us instructions for returning the system, but we were charged an additional restocking charge. When we spoke to customer support who said that they'll offer a complete refund.Both the people I spoke with via phone were friendly.

    • June 8, 2023
    • by Zayne Ward
    • Review

    The website is very wordy

    The website is very wordy which means it can take time to go through the entire site in order to make sure that you're buying the right items. I like the GPS for RVs equipped with backup camera. The only place I've found one.

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