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Friendly Diamonds Reviews: Unethical “Sustainable” Jewelry Brand

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Friendly Diamonds is an online retailer of laboratory-grown diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and fine jewelry.

Their commitment to sustainability and customer-centricity aims to inspire a more transparent and eco-friendly jewelry industry seems to panic the competitor.

However, as with online retailers, they have received positive and negative customer reviews.

This article will analyze the promises, scams, reviews, experiences, and frustrations associated with Friendly Diamonds.

Hidden Fees and High Cost

Many customers have reported high costs and hidden fees associated with Friendly Diamonds.

While the company claims to offer diamonds at a fraction of the cost of traditional retailers, many customers have found that their prices are not as competitive as advertised.

Some customers have reported unexpected charges for shipping, returns, and resizing.

The company’s customer service has also come under fire, with many customers reporting long wait times and unhelpful representatives.

Some customers have even reported issues with receiving their orders or getting a response from the company regarding their concerns.

Despite these frustrations, some customers have had positive experiences with Friendly Diamonds. Some have praised the company’s customizable jewelry options and high-quality diamonds.

However, weighing these positive experiences against the negative experiences reported by many customers is essential.

Lack of Transparency

Customers have also reported frustration with the lack of transparency and support from Friendly Diamonds.

Some have complained about the lack of detailed information on the company’s website, including limited options for customizing their jewelry.

Some customers have had difficulty contacting customer service representatives and have experienced delays in receiving responses to their inquiries.

This lack of transparency and support has led to frustration among customers who feel they are not receiving the service and information they expect from a high-end jewelry retailer.

While Friendly Diamonds may offer competitive pricing and a commitment to sustainability, these issues suggest that the company may need to improve its communication and customer service to deliver on its promises truly.

Misleading Sustainability Promises

Friendly Diamonds. The company’s website prominently features “sustainable diamonds” and emphasizes its commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

However, as previously mentioned, their claims of sustainability have been called into question by experts in the industry.

Furthermore, there have been reports of the company using deceptive marketing tactics to promote its products.

For example, they have been known to advertise particular diamonds as “rare” or “one-of-a-kind” when mass-produced in a lab.

This type of marketing can be misleading and may lead consumers to believe they are purchasing a unique and valuable item when it is not.

There have also been complaints from customers who have felt pressured to purchase more expensive items or add unnecessary services during the buying process.

This can be a turnoff for consumers looking for a more direct and transparent shopping experience.

Friendly Diamonds Reviews

Friendly Diamonds has been making waves in the jewelry industry for its sustainability claims and ethical practices.

However, not all customers have been satisfied with their experience with the company.

A closer analysis of customer reviews reveals several issues with Friendly Diamonds, including false promises, lack of transparency, misleading marketing tactics, and unethical business practices.

One TrustPilot user, Theo, had a frustrating experience with Friendly Diamonds.

They purchased a diamond ring but were informed two weeks later that it was unavailable due to a system glitch.

When they requested a different diamond, Friendly Diamonds did not have that one either and offered a different one.

Theo eventually requested a refund, but the refund was canceled during the pending period on PayPal, which prompted Theo to ask PayPal to step in.

The process took almost two months, including the hassle of asking PayPal to intervene.

Theo’s experience highlights the importance of checking the availability of a product before making a purchase, as well as the potential risks of relying on online retailers.

Another anonymous user on complained about the speed of delivery from Friendly Diamonds.

They had been waiting on their purchase for an extended period without confirming when it would be shipped.

This is in contrast to other websites where they had received similar products within a few days.

Online retailers must provide accurate and timely information on shipping and delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

A Google review from Moe Love expressed concerns about the quality of products from Friendly Diamonds.

They suggested that while the effects were okay, they would not purchase from the company again due to the poor quality and misleading warranty.

Companies must stand by their products and guarantees to establish trust with customers and maintain a positive reputation in the market.

Overall, these reviews highlight the need for Friendly Diamonds to improve its customer service, communication, and transparency.

While the company’s claims of sustainability and ethical practices are commendable, it must also ensure that it meets its customer’s expectations and provides quality products and services.

As consumers become more conscious of their purchasing decisions, companies must prioritize sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices to establish trust and loyalty among their customer base.

Alternatives to Friendly Diamonds

Several alternative retailers to Friendly Diamonds offer similar products and services. Some of the most popular alternatives include:

  1. Brilliant Earth: Brilliant Earth is a company that offers ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly jewelry, including lab-grown diamonds, conflict-free diamonds, and recycled precious metals. They are committed to providing transparency throughout their supply chain and offer various customizable engagement rings and wedding bands.
  2. MiaDonna: MiaDonna is another online retailer that offers lab-grown diamonds and ethically-sourced jewelry. They are committed to using recycled precious metals and are passionate about their conflict-free diamond alternatives. They offer a variety of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry.
  3. Clean Origin: Clean Origin is a company that specializes in lab-grown diamonds and sustainable fine jewelry. They offer a wide range of customizable engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They are dedicated to transparency and sustainability in their supply chain and offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.
  4. Ada Diamonds: Ada Diamonds is a company that offers lab-grown diamonds and fine custom jewelry. They specialize in high-quality diamonds grown using sustainable methods and provide unique and customizable designs.
  5. Vrai: Vrai is an online retailer specializing in lab-grown diamonds and ethically-sourced fine jewelry. They are committed to transparency and sustainability throughout their supply chain and offer a variety of customizable engagement rings and wedding bands.

These companies offer alternatives to Friendly Diamonds for customers looking for ethically-sourced and sustainable jewelry options. It’s essential to research each company thoroughly and compare their products, services, and pricing before purchasing.


Friendly Diamonds has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have had positive experiences with the company’s products and services, many have expressed frustration with the lack of transparency, misleading marketing tactics, and unethical business practices.

The company’s promise of sustainable and ethical jewelry is questioned by its lack of transparency and support and its use of laboratory-grown diamonds, which go through a heavily polluted process.

Furthermore, the high costs of Friendly Diamonds’ products and the lack of clear communication about refunds and shipping have left many customers feeling cheated and disappointed.

While Friendly Diamonds may be an option for those seeking sustainable and ethical jewelry, it is essential to carefully consider the company’s practices and reviews before purchasing.

Customers may want to consider alternative options, such as Brilliant Earth or MiaDonna, which have established reputations for ethical and sustainable practices.

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