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    • January 9, 2024
    • by D. Mendoza
    • Complaint

    No Deliver purchase Item

    I purchased my shirts a few month ago . I was waiting for the delivery, and they're declaring that the order was shipped but upon investigation the delivery was to an address, not mine. They claim it's my responsibility to track them down. I advised them that I'll report them, and that I demanded my cash back. Then they blocked me from emailing them.

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    • January 11, 2024
    • by Char
    • Complaint

    Never Received My 12 Shirt!!!

    I purchased 12 shirts back in December, and China Post said they would be shipped via UPS. Ups has no tracking number. China postal service stated delivery would occur on the 10th of January. The item I ordered was never delivered and it cost me more than $50. I'm unable to contact the shop due to it apparently being closed. the store doesn't respond to my calls.

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    • January 12, 2024
    • by Ashley Marcum
    • Complaint


    I purchased a few shirts and some Hoodies. I spent $40 on the 26th of December I checked the tracking details in January 03 and it stated that it was sent (to my state and city) but I haven't received these items. I went to check a few days later and found that the store is closed...and the store is now showing a new notice advising me to join their store that is coming up.

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    • January 16, 2024
    • by H. Collins
    • Complaint

    Didn't Receive Parcel

    I placed an order for 8 items on the 27th of December 2023. I contacted the business on the 13th of January 2024 because I wasn't receiving my package. The company provided me with an tracking number, however it was counterfeit. The delivery was in Bronx NY. I sent an email to inform them that I didn't receive the parcel. They then sent me an email accusing the delivery firm. The email did not show any company that delivered the delivery information. I wrote them to request the reimbursement. Support staff emailed me in reply, but they do not wish to give me my money. They are constantly trying to convince me to transfer more money to reship. Since then, they have taken their site down.

    • January 17, 2024
    • by Shaunta
    • Complaint

    Extra Charges for Delay Shipping

    I made my purchase on the 7th of January 2024. I had a conversation with them about my order because it was taking a while. When I looked up the website, it says it's that it's closed. I was notified via email telling me that my purchase was scheduled to be sent out on the 14th of January. I've been tracking the shipment daily. It shows delivered but the tracking has shown Bronx, NY. I'm located in Texas but haven't received an email from I've called them and let that my package was not received. They replied to me and asked me to make a payment of $15 in order for the order to be shipped again. I declined and they gave an excuse to reimburse me.

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