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    • May 19, 2023
    • by Amelia Shumake
    • Complaint

    it's difficult to follow the actions he performs

    Dean is a fantastic motivator, but if you aren't sure where to begin, it's difficult to follow the actions he performs- even his latest things are challenging to keep track of. The site is difficult to navigate, and it is difficult to find pertinent details. At some point, you'll have to give up... it's an investment in the amount of time required to get around and figure it out.

    • May 23, 2023
    • by Elizabeth Gardner
    • Complaint

    This company is as unethical as they come...for more than three years when I tried to cancel my subscription, I've received a charged yet another time. What ever the contents the business does, it is unnecessary to risk it.

    • May 23, 2023
    • by Julie Young
    • Complaint

    The product isn't suitable for all despite

    The product isn't suitable for all, even though all the talk implies it's. I was optimistic about it. However, I had to do 12 physical therapy sessions to heal. I would recommend consulting a physician or other expert before attempting yoga. It is true that, Unfortunately, Dean may be quick-tempered, as well...

    • May 23, 2023
    • by Karen Wellard
    • Review

    It's difficult to locate the exact same series of lessons

    I love the period. 30 min is great for me. It started with back pain. It did seem to ease. It's a real pain to navigate and is an impossible task. I'd love to download a course and then open the next lesson. However, I cannot accomplish this, and when I save it to my list of favorites, it isn't in the exact sequence. It's tough to schedule. If I fail a lesson, it completely throws my schedule off - which is useless for me. It isn't easy to locate the same series of studies also.

    • May 23, 2023
    • by Alison Taylor
    • Review

    A mix of emotions

    A mix of emotions. Positive, the reasons for every movement are beyond reproach. In my opinion, repeated sessions are an unprofessional way to fill the content. I don't think I'll stay on the site, but I'll make a choice once I'm home from vacation.

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    • June 1, 2023
    • by George Woomer
    • Complaint

    It's not a good fit

    It's not a good fit for me It's not a good fit for me, in any case. They attempt to make the music accessible to everyone... however, as an old, grumpy man I couldn't see how it worked for me.

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Martha Tornblom
    • Complaint

    never get past the name

    The program for yoga was okay It was, at least. My 2 problems are that it was way too bro-y (and, I'm sort of a bro)....and, I could never get past the name--ManFlow--sounds like something related to ejaculation.

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Arthur Patterson
    • Review

    it is more geared towards novices

    It's an excellent library however, the majority of the exercises feel very like it is more geared towards novices with a lot of explanations throughout the video clips (which is great for people seeking that information however it's not an abundance of flow choices without extensive explanations all through)

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