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Codie Sanchez: Investor & Entrepreneur, Scam or Legit?

Codie Sanchez is a well-known name in finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Her career has taken her from investment banking to private equity to marketing and content creation.

She founded two companies and a popular podcast and has written a book on investing in small businesses.

However, despite her success, there have been mixed reviews of her work, which we will explore in this article.

Career and Companies

Codie Sanchez began her career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs but soon transitioned to private equity, where she worked for several years.

She later moved into marketing and content creation, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

She founded two companies: CS Ventures, a strategic advisory firm focusing on private market investing, and Contrarian Thinking, a content and education company that helps entrepreneurs and investors think differently about business and investing.

Sanchez is also the host of a popular podcast, “The Contrarian Thinking Show,” which features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders.

She has written a book, “The Unconventional Guide to Investing in Small Businesses,” which provides a step-by-step guide to investing in small businesses.

Positive Reviews

Sanchez has received numerous positive reviews for her work, particularly in entrepreneurship and investing.

Many people praise her for her unique approach to business and investing, which challenges traditional thinking and encourages innovation.

Her podcast is also highly regarded, with many listeners appreciating the insights and advice she provides from successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Sanchez’s book has also been well-received, with readers finding it a valuable resource for investing in small businesses.

Her expertise in the field is evident in the detailed information and practical advice she provides. Many readers have found her book to be an excellent investment starting point.

Negative Reviews

Despite her success, there have been some negative reviews of Sanchez’s work, particularly about her courses and pricing.

Some people have found her methods lacking quality, with outdated and unhelpful materials and instructors lacking the expertise advertised.

The content has been described as overly simplified and challenging to follow, making some feel they wasted time and money.

One student who enrolled in Codie Sanchez and Ryan Snow’s course on unconventional acquisition was left disappointed with the system’s quality.

The student mentioned that the materials provided felt outdated and unhelpful, and the instructors lacked the advertised expertise and experience.

The content was overly simplified and challenging to follow, and the student felt like they were wasting their time and money.

This negative review shows that while Codie Sanchez’s courses may be valuable to some, they may not be suitable for everyone.

Another point of criticism is the pricing of Codie Sanchez’s courses, which can be pretty steep.

While some may find the content valuable, the high cost may significantly deter potential students.

At around $900 per class, it can be challenging for some to justify signing up.

Codie Sanchez has also authored books on online business. However, one reader who purchased her Playbook online business was disappointed with the price-to-value ratio.

The reader mentioned that they were shocked by the information available for just $250 and that much of the information could be found for free on Flippa.

The Playbook with a couple of pages and Excel files could cost $250, and the reader felt that a $5 “Buy then build” book on Amazon was a much better value.

While this negative review shows that some may not find the Playbook worth the price, others may still find it valuable.



Codie Sanchez has had a successful career in finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Her unique approach to business and investing has earned her many positive reviews, and her podcast and book have provided valuable insights and advice to many.

However, her courses and pricing have received some negative reviews, with some feeling that they do not provide value for the high cost.

In conclusion, Sanchez’s work is worth exploring, but it is vital to research thoroughly and weigh the cost against the potential value.

While her expertise is evident in her book and podcast, her courses may not be the best investment for everyone.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether Sanchez’s work is worth the investment.

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