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The Doers Way Reviews: Promises, Scams, and Frustrations

The Doers Way, also known as Outsourced Doers, is a company that promises to provide virtual assistants or Doers to help entrepreneurs with their businesses.

However, recent client reviews and complaints have raised serious concerns about the company’s practices.

This article will examine these issues closely and discuss why potential clients should cautiously approach The Doers Way.

False Promises and High Costs

The Doers Way promises to provide qualified and trained virtual assistants to help entrepreneurs with various tasks, such as social media management, email marketing, and website building.

However, many clients have reported that the quality of the assistants is poor, and they struggle to complete even basic tasks.

The clients have expressed concerns about the high costs of The Doers Way. The company charges thousands of dollars for its services, and many clients have reported feeling ripped off and scammed. Some have even had to dip into their savings to pay for the services.

Lack of Transparency and Support

Another issue with The Doers Way is the lack of transparency and support. Clients have reported that they are not given clear information about the virtual assistants they are working with, including their qualifications and experience.

The clients have complained about the lack of support from The Doers Way team. Many have reported that their questions go unanswered for days and that they must wait a week between coaching sessions.

This lack of support and communication can be frustrating and hinder the progress of clients’ businesses.

Inadequate Training and Results

One of the most significant issues with The Doers Way is inadequate training and lack of results.

Clients have reported that their virtual assistants require substantial management and oversight, which defeats the purpose of hiring an assistant in the first place.

Furthermore, clients have reported that the quality of work provided by the virtual assistants is subpar, and mistakes are frequent.

This can severely affect clients’ businesses, such as lost customers and revenue.

Misleading Marketing Tactics

Another concerning aspect of The Doers Way is its marketing tactics. Many clients have reported feeling misled by the company’s promises and testimonials.

Some have even claimed that the company uses fake reviews to attract potential clients.

The clients have reported that the company’s marketing materials make it seem like they have a large team of experienced virtual assistants when the group is small and inexperienced.

Unethical Business Practices

Beyond the issues with their services, there have been reports of unethical business practices from The Doers Way.

Clients have reported feeling pressured into signing contracts and paying for services they did not want or need.

Some clients have even claimed that the company continues to charge their credit cards after canceling their services. These practices are not only unethical, but they can also be illegal.

Outsourced doers reviews

We have found dozens of(if not hundreds of “_”) negative online reviews about The Doers Way, aka Outsourced Doers.

There are allegations that many positive reviews might have been manipulated and that reviewers were harassed into submitting positive reviews in exchange for refunds or other monetary benefits from the business owner, Grace Lever.

Review By DEE

On September 7, 2022, Dee wrote a review of Outsourced Doers, a company owned by Grace Lever, on Reviewopedia, which appears to be highly damaging.

Dee seems to have experienced significant unprofessionalism from the virtual outsourced doer assigned to her, and her complaints were not addressed or investigated satisfactorily.

Dee reported that the virtual assistant was often unprepared for meetings, showed up in her nightclothes, was frequently late, and had technical difficulties during their sessions.

The virtual outsourced doer appeared to have distractions, such as a loud TV and a screaming child, and involvement in different activities while she was supposed to work on Dee’s projects.

Dee also reported that the outsourced doer had a poor command of English and struggled with basic word-processing tasks such as formatting and capitalization.

Furthermore, Dee alleged that the virtual doer engaged in activities unrelated to Dee’s project, such as dropshipping, while supposedly working on her behalf.

Dee regretted investing so much time and training into the virtual outsourced doer. While she found her to be a lovely person, her unprofessionalism and poor performance ultimately cost Dee AUD 13K.

Dee described her experience with Outsourced Doers as a waste of money and a scam.

Review By Dr. Michelle Veneziano

While the company has some positives, they are outweighed by the negatives.

Dr. Veneziano regrets not having read the reviews before joining the company.

The initial promise of ethical practices, qualified coaches, and supportive training and templates was not upheld, as the timing of available support was not conducive to any good momentum.

A few concerns were waiting a week between coaching sessions and questions left in the Facebook group for days.

Dr. Veneziano joined on a 6-month membership and explained that managerial and marketing support was needed.

However, she was not told that without a 12-month membership, the support would not be sufficient.

This was a glaring weakness in the program. Furthermore, the DOer assigned to her required so much management that she was not saving any money and was stressed out.

Despite weeks of support from the tech team, the progress and quality of the website were severely lacking.

A middle-of-the-road tech guy had to step in and fix everything in two days at an additional $60/hr. Her tech guy had no confidence in the OD team.

Dr. Veneziano had to check everything the DOer did, as they made many mistakes.

Typical issues included failing to update basic information on email blasts, like dates and subject content, and not understanding the difference between webinars and the class they were selling.

The Doer did not verify emails, resulting in blasts being sent to people not receiving them.

If you only need someone to handle mindless tasks and still expect to prove everything, a DOer might work for you.

Dr. Veneziano learned some valuable things but at a much greater time and money expense than she expected.

She had to withdraw from OD to focus on getting her business going more efficiently.

She feels her company is being held hostage as she is obligated to renew to hold onto the work she has structured out in BaseCamp and the substantial investment of time training her DOer.

Dr. Veneziano does not feel the program lived up to its promises, and the transparency around the hourly wage for DOers is questionable.

While Outsourced Doers touts thousands of satisfied clients, only 400 active people are in the group.

The coaching calls and Facebook group are painfully quiet, with often only one or two participants. Dr. Veneziano feels that results are happening for a tiny percentage of members, if any.

Dr. Veneziano does not recommend Outsourced Doers and wishes to receive at least half her money back.

She has had to pull back from OD to focus on getting her business going more efficiently and feels that there has been too much waste.

Also, she does not appreciate that her company is being held hostage by the requirement to renew to hold onto the work she has structured out and the substantial investment of time training her DOer.

Dr. Veneziano found it unethical that the call was recorded without her permission, which says a lot about the company.

Review By Patience Pecoraro

Patience Pecoraro submitted a one-star review on, claiming that The Doers Way is a scam.

The review highlights several issues, including being charged $8,801 upfront, receiving wrong dates and emails from the company, employees putting each other down, poor customer service with no option to switch, and inadequate training.

The reviewer advises others not to use the service and warns of the many issues they experienced.

Review by Dr. Erin Gattuso

Dr. Erin Gattuso, ND, left a one-star review on regarding Outsourced Doers.

The review describes how the sales representative offered a two-month trial but did not mention that the user would pay for a month of onboarding for the doer.

The user felt misled and tried to dispute the charge, but the company pointed out that it was in the contract and refused to work with them.

Dr. Erin describes the company as “out of integrity” and a “scam” but has no complaints about the doer who provided the service.

However, Outsourced Doers responded to Dr. Erin Gattuso, ND’s one-star review on, apologizing for any misunderstandings and their desire to clarify the issue.

The response stated that they had contacted the user and offered to review the agreement to ensure clear expectations.

The company noted that they aim to clarify the training times during the enrollment call and service agreement.

The response thanked the user for their feedback and expressed a desire to come to a resolution while also mentioning that they were glad to hear the user had a good experience with their Doer.

The Doers Way Alternatives

While outsourced doers may seem attractive to entrepreneurs looking for virtual assistants, better alternatives are available.

Many reputable companies offer virtual assistant services at more affordable prices, with transparent information about their assistants’ qualifications and experience.

Entrepreneurs should also consider hiring freelance virtual assistants through platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer, where they can review the freelancers’ work history and ratings from previous clients before hiring them.


As an entrepreneur, hiring a virtual assistant can be a valuable investment for your business. However, it’s essential to carefully consider your options and approach companies like The Doers Way with caution.

Outsourced Doers is a company that promises to help entrepreneurs with their businesses, but recent reviews and complaints indicate that the company’s practices are questionable at best.

Clients have reported many issues, from false promises and high costs to a lack of transparency and support and inadequate training and results.

Potential clients should approach The Doers Way cautiously and carefully consider their options before investing in their services.

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    • April 26, 2023
    • by Cathy Ceing
    • Review

    Over the past 3-4 weeks, my experience with Outsourced Doers has been unique! My assigned Doer has been exceptional in creating my portal, setting up my Facebook page, and uploading all my content onto the portal. My progress has been fast-tracked thanks to her, and she has dealt with all the technical aspects flawlessly. If you want to make significant progress, I highly recommend Outsourced Doers.

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