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    • January 6, 2024
    • by Mike
    • Complaint

    Logistics Fraud

    They attempted to offer me an excavator cat-sized, they want to know more information before they give me a kraken banking ACC Any information they hold on the product they're trying to sell you comes from an authentic product. beware of offering anything that you are unable to speak to them and not pay in advance.

    • January 9, 2024
    • by C. Jacob
    • Complaint

    Website Not Work

    Was looking online for an RV that was for sale within the Memphis Area, and Craigslist redirects me to a available RV located in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area, I assumed it was the closest to the unit that was to me. The ad was to be sold an item in 2006, a Pleasure-Way Ford E-350 Class B Motorhome. The price was $18,500. When I submitted my email address as well as my contact details to submit inquires, I approached via Linda B ****** to inform me the transaction was completed through a company named Ventures Escrow Logistics 260-263 West Street, New York, NY. The site of Ventures Escrow Logistics does not operate. Then I received an email from the Gmail account to inform me that my vehicle is reserved exclusively for me and that I was expected to receive an invoice along with the guidelines and directions by Ventures Escrow Logistics, Inc. This seemed suspect, and I chose not to go any further.

    What desired outcome do you want from 20000
    • January 11, 2024
    • by Mickie
    • Complaint

    Shipping Scam

    The typical scams that comes from FB, Craigslist, eBay and others The scammers want to know your identification so that they can create an ACC under your name at an exchange for crypto, the money is transferred to the ACC, and accept the funds in BTC and then attempt to offer to buy a vehicle or boat tractor or other vehicle, but sellers are not able to contact through email. and will alter the web page after it has be lowered to something similar, however the process is exactly the same.

    • January 12, 2024
    • by Santhara
    • Complaint

    Escrow Scam

    The most common scam , they are trying to sell you a car like a boat, rv tractor etc It's an online transaction, and they will give you a banking account from a cripto exchange which allows them to steal your money, and request your information so they are able to open the account on your behalf. They alter the site when it is down to be known, however the escrow scam story remains the same.

    • January 16, 2024
    • by S. Grimes
    • Complaint

    Process without Permission

    A nice tractor was that was featured in the Indiana Auto & RV magazine. It cost approximately $15,000 below value, which is why I called believing that it would be a great bargain. After that, they texted me with an account of how their son who is helping to help his mother to sell the tractor following divorce. They need my email address and the mother would email me all details. Then, after they provided me with the details, I decided to visit it. So mother underwent throat surgery and was in the care of her daughter, and the tractor was in the hands of the Venture Escrow Logistics shipping company which also holds and collects the funds until I am completely happy. The shipping firm wanted to confirm that I was myself and asked for a picture with a state ID, a photo of me, and an SSN. Therefore, I logged on to their site and then called them, which was actually a real call with both of them and an actual person on the telephone. Then they emailed me the actual invoice along with an agreement which I needed to sign and verify my authenticity. When I asked what they needed from my SSN in order for me to purchase the tractor, that was an alarming warning! They told me they needed it to prove their identity. Then, they explained why they'll need the cash sent to them prior to when they can send the tractor to me and keep the cash in the account of "Diane the seller" until my approval and satisfaction with the tractor. The way they present everything is authentic and genuine, however a shipping business should not require an SSN or keep the cash until I have my approval.

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