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    • January 8, 2024
    • by A. Serve
    • Complaint


    USFUND.ORG is a CREDIT CARD fraud ... When you have signed up for the grant listing program for $29.95 each month. They also offer another monthly service at $34.95 ... I submitted an individual grant. I haven't heard about the grant that I submitted without a rejection letter or email. I am unable to log in to USFUND as they've shut down my account, so I'm unable to access the personal grant I submitted to verify the status. When I contacted USFUND for a assured refund of $29.95 they informed me that they had not received the money within 30 days. I then explained that I was not able to receive the personal grant I submitted for. They wanted to send me an official rejection. There was no rejection email and I never heard anything from anyone at the grant that I had applied for. The person I spoke to was extremely unprofessional and would not give me the returned as promised after I was not able to get my personal grant. He said they owe me money on the renewal, and told me that he had to end the discussion. I sent an email addressed to USFUND informing them of the problem. I was extremely upset after not getting the grant that I had applied for and did not receive the "guaranteed" refund of $29.95. Can I mail the copy of my rejection letter if I don't received one.

    What desired outcome do you want from USFUND.ORG?: 35
    • January 9, 2024
    • by G. Robel
    • Complaint

    Worthless Problem-solving Service

    I just want to make a comment and tell others to be cautious.

    • January 11, 2024
    • by Barrak
    • Complaint

    Very Rude Behavior

    My information was taken under the guise of they'll get me a school aid and throughout the full year they've taken $29.95 per month. As a student and pay in cash, struggling to cover my tuition as well as my expenses and also look after my kid and rent. And this only taking money out of my account without any service provided and they are rude when I ask them to reimburse my funds. How can anyone take money from someone else who really needs it and don't aid them with their problems yet continue to take money that they will grant them grants?

    What desired outcome do you want from USFUND.ORG?: 375
    • January 12, 2024
    • by Michonne Hawthorn
    • Complaint

    No Deal With This Business

    I can't recall buying anything through them. So what's the issue? I attempted to purchase something on Amazon with the help of Zip. I believed that it was Zip who took my money, but they would have stated Zip! Apart from that I'm not sure the situation and why I'm working with this particular business.

    What desired outcome do you want from USFUND.ORG?: 35
    • January 16, 2024
    • by Momo
    • Complaint

    Unprofessional and Scam

    I observed 34.95 disappearing from my account in the month of October, 2023. When I contacted this business, they mentioned that there was a third party linked with the account through the credit card I have. The person mentioned is one I don't recognize, and they said that may be fraudulent. The person actually said to me that I had to follow to this particular person! How do they know? This is one of the most bizarre nonsense I've encountered! I'll fight it by contacting the help of my Credit Union! Take care of this business! They're certainly fraudulent! They are unprofessional and attempting to swindle your cash! It's likely that they aren't the real thing! This sounds like a ponsy rip-off!

    • January 17, 2024
    • by Cindy
    • Complaint

    What the hell

    I was planning to call the USA for assistance on a grant I have submitted. The process was followed to submit the grant but to make my application for funding they want me to pay $26.95. I decided to cancel. I'm planning to call them and expect exactly the same thing as the other victims on this site. I'll keep you posted.

    What desired outcome do you want from USFUND.ORG?: 30

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