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    • May 19, 2023
    • by Steve Parke
    • Complaint

    Most of the items arrived damaged

    I ordered 78 pounds worth of goods. Most of the items arrived damaged or missing pieces or were not in line with the descriptions provided. I contacted customer support to resolve issues and was left waiting for three hours multiple times, and the case hasn't been completed. The company isn't willing to return the item I'd like, and a refund has not been provided either. I've been advised to wait two months before determining what happens. If I get the refund, and then may order the item again. Quality for price is terrible; the customer service is a joke. However, some delays can be expected with cheap services, and the website shockingly deceived me. A total of 78 pounds was sucked out on this website. I would never endorse anyone to do this.

    What desired outcome do you want from Temu.com?: Refund
    • May 19, 2023
    • by Viv s.
    • Complaint


    Consumers must exercise caution when encountering enticing advertisements promising significant discounts or coupons. One such case is TEMU, which lures customers with offers like "buy $100.00 get $20.00 coupon, to be issued upon items shipped." However, knowing that these promises are nothing more than empty words is essential. This article aims to shed light on the deceptive practices employed by TEMU, including untrained customer service representatives, poor packaging, and questionable return policies, ultimately warning consumers about their dishonest practices. Unreliable Customer Service: TEMU disappoints with its untrained and ineffective 24/7 customer service representatives. When faced with issues or concerns, customers often find it challenging to receive satisfactory resolutions. The customer service staff's lack of competence and expertise only exacerbates the frustration of customers seeking assistance. Deceptive Marketing Tactics: TEMU attracts customers with tempting low prices, but these alluring offers come at a cost. Customers frequently find their shipments arriving in flimsy plastic bags, poorly packaged, and partially damaged. This negligence in handling and packaging compromises the quality and condition of the goods received. False Promises and Coupon Scams: TEMU's advertised coupons that are supposed to be issued upon shipment are nothing more than empty promises. Customers report never receiving these coupons, leading to disappointment and a sense of being deceived. To protect yourself, it is advisable to take screenshots of your final purchase cart before clicking the purchase button, as TEMU will try to provide various excuses to prevent you from redeeming the promised coupons. Shady Return and Refund Policies: TEMU's return and refund policies raise concerns, as they seem to be designed to ensure the company still benefits, even in cases of returns. Customers who attempt to return damaged or defective items may face difficulties in receiving a fair refund. This questionable approach further contributes to the perception of TEMU as a scam operation.

    What desired outcome do you want from Temu.com?: Refund and Apologize from Temu
    • June 7, 2023
    • by Steven Gotreau
    • Complaint

    This is fake advertising

    The majority of items are junk to date. The highest priced item was believed to be a night vision pair of binoculars. But they aren't. It's the packaging as well as the instructions.Make keine mention of the lighting levels that are low Night Vision. This is fake advertising.It is not a good way to create confidence. Purchased an compasses. It was, however, not too costly. I expected it to function. My compass that I put in the Bata Scout shoes worked. Beware of photographs and descriptions. The two dollar store is crap.Luckily shipping isn't expensive.

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Norman Milliken
    • Complaint

    Delivery was a day late, and items were pathetically poor

    A few purchases just to be curious about the price. They were ridiculously inexpensive, and was expecting everything to turn out to be useless. Temu was not disappointed. Delivery was a day late, and items were pathetically poor. They were constructed of cardboard, and was odored offensively of glue as well as various chemical. Don't bother with purchasing a product - you buy what you get No bargains in this store.

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Charles Gardinier
    • Complaint

    The ice cube tray was broken and unusable

    The ice cube tray was broken and unusable.The signs were bent. The 100 count bags of cookies were just 50 and the sign states that they're self sealing bags. They're not. The packaging for the air fryer was. Step up Temu. Make the right choice and get these items replaced.

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Gary Lavoie
    • Complaint


    When I first ordered, the customer service was amazing and responded to my needs exactly as I wanted. Second time, I made an order and items that arrived damaged. The clothing began to tear after only a couple of days of wear, so when the next time I called customer service, I found myself in a line of 90 people who waited for 2+ an hour( the time I was waiting to be able to wait on the app as it gave me a warning each 3 minutes to tap and if you didn't, it would knock customers out of the line). The lady who was waiting for me did not respect me and forced me to wait for an additional 10 minutes before answering and, at the end, she did not even listen and rebuffed everything I said. Hugely dissatisfied and will never ever again purchase an app until they fix my problem. DO NOT BUY FRIM THIS APP A SECOND TIME.

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Joanne Madden
    • Complaint

    Temu are in contact with bigscam.org to take down my review

    Temu are in contact with bigscam.org to take down my review. I've purchased products on this site and had a actual positive experience. I am concerned that this is not regulated due to the fact that many sexual goods are sold without regulations or verification of age from sellers on the platform. They could pose a risk to youngsters, especially when you consider how inexpensive these products are. I have purchased several adult items through Temu and never checked for age Just paid and waiting for shipping. Additionally, none of the products appear on the specific categories. However, once you look up adult-oriented material...

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Athena Konstantara
    • Complaint

    Don't buy from this store

    I've received three items from Temu. They are generally good in price. However, I needed to return 2 gowns that were a bit excessively large. It is still a while before my account to get credited to the two items I returned. I received a message letting me know they'd received the returned item, but was waiting to receive a refund or credit. I had planned to purchase another item, however I've decided to wait and see when my credit is granted. If you believe you will need to return something, don't buy from this store. I'm not able to pay in the case of items returned and I have not received credits for them. My lost. Don't repeat similar mistakes to the ones I did.

    • June 7, 2023
    • by Jay Gibson
    • Complaint

    Are I being scammed?

    I made my first purchase today using the Temu application. I turned the wheel and was offered a variety of gifts, discounts, and other freebies. My purchase was in excess of $100, and no discounts were listed under coupons. The free presents were found from reading. I needed to look up Temu.com at that point. I'd already made the order 2 hours prior and was therefore not qualified for the six free gift cards. At the moment, but I'm sure that I'll receive quality merchandise. I've been at a halt about buying but it's now too late. There are no additional discounts or gift cards. All you need is free shipping, and everyone is entitled to the same. Are I being scammed?

    • June 7, 2023
    • by David Bennett
    • Review

    the quality isn't great

    I purchased six dresses, which all were delivered in good condition and at the right time. Although the quality isn't great, however it's adequate for the task. It looks nicer on the site than they do actually. These dresses require shorts for wearing since, even though dresses are colored they're transparent. It's very thin material that allows you for the view of your underwear. It's the perfect size UK M.

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