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    • May 22, 2023
    • by Cindy Dorman
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    so awful

    I haven't heard anything from the mail in the time stated, and I'm still waiting. On our next cruise we booked were given a poor room, with only half a window; if you choose to refer to it as on a river cruise, there are plenty of things to see as you travel, but there aren't any rooms with that kind of view. You're a sham! If you're taking a cruise on the sea, having nothing you can look at other than the wa isn't so awful.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Dorothy Winterbottom
    • Complaint

    We had booked for an Alaskan Tour through Pavlus just prior to COVID. The tour was canceled and moved it to next summer. We've been calling and emailing for a while now to reserve our flights and pay the final payment on our trip. We were recently told by the management that they would ensure sure we got our agent to follow up. It was about a week back. The last time we used this company for holiday and travel demands. Update: Company reached out after my review of one star to correct the problem. I've updated my review to two stars, and will keep updating as I go. I'm hopeful that they can transform this issue into something positive.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Jennifer Kanas
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    Our trip was wonderful on our trip to Ireland

    Our trip was wonderful on our trip to Ireland. Our tour leader was extremely well-informed and we learnt a lot! My only complaint was the many activities within an order, and then there was almost no activity until the final event. It would have been nice to have seen things spread out slightly more. However, the rest of the experience was great!

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