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    • May 22, 2023
    • by Hope Young
    • Complaint

    Avoid this booking service

    I selected for my 10-day self-driving trip because they offered an extensive and custom-designed travel guide to be included as part of our package. This was not a good idea as it contained fewer details than I could get on the most important sites, the hours of operation and price were not up-to-date, and, in the end, I ended up spending a lot more time than I had anticipated doing my research and planning the itinerary. There are plenty of other options with lower costs. .... They book hotels and automobiles. .... with no additional value there. Strongly recommend you look for another company if searching for something other than a booking service.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by John Ensign
    • Complaint

    It is crucial in the majority of interactions. A relationship between a group of tour travelers and an organizer of a tour group isn't an one-off. When you search for "Ireland," "tour," and "knitting" into Google, you'll be presented with a variety of tour organizations. This article is to warn against any of them, The Irish Tourism Group (also also known as Irish Tourism Limited). I made use of Irish Tourism Group to plan my recent trip to Ireland via my wife's knitting shop. The group consisted of 13. I reached out to The Irish Tourism Group because they advertised their expertise on tours that were geared towards knitters. Irish Tourism Group promised us either a tour guide or an expert driver. The trip was not a success because neither of them came through. Our trip was successful however it wasn't caused by Irish Tourism Group but rather because of Irish Tourism Group. Irish Tourism promised that we will have a tour guide or a driver with experience. On April 1, Irish Tourism unilaterally decided to withdraw the tour guide. The agent for Irish Tourism said: "I have cancelled the guide. If you have fewer numbers, you don't necessarily need a guide as your driver is extremely knowledgeable and you've got guides at each of the attractions as well as your own knitting instructors and I am there of course." It was not true to this assertion. The guide we received was not a "very experienced" guide but instead a young, native of Poland who was able to drive however, his English was not great and did not know anything about the locations we went to. The guides we had were not for each of the attractions and, the truth is, there was no guide in many. The knitting teachers were available for the first two days of our 10-day trip, and our Irish Tourism Group Manager was not seen for the very first day. If Irish Tourism cancelled the guide they reduced the cost of the tour by about 90 euros (about 100 USD) per individual. The cost of the guide could be around 90 euros per person. It was initially priced to accommodate 15-20 guests. The tour ended up with 13 participants. If the original price for 15 persons could have been able to afford an experienced guide, and guides' fees was around 90 euros per person and we had added around 180 euros (about $200) to have the guide. I'd have happily paid the sum. We never had a complaint about the expense of the excursion and could have agreed to spend more money to have a tour guide. Irish Tourism did not offer the option, but. Indeed, Irish Tourism did not offer us any alternatives. The issue was it appears that Irish Tourism could not find the right tour guide or experienced driver for the trip. The representative of Irish Tourism wrote in an email that followed, "guides like drivers are golddust this year." Therefore, rather than offering our options, or telling us the shortage of guides or drivers, Irish Tourism just went forward with the tour by cancellation of the guide, and also offering - without providing a seasoned driver.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Dorothy Hughes
    • Review

    the biggest mistakes they committed was not booking the last night's accommodation

    The company did an excellent job in finding very good accommodations and a efficient driver for our trip across northern Ireland. The company was prompt with the return emails, however we would've liked an even more intimate conversation by phone, as we discussed our plans about our trip. (Our representative was somewhat uncooperative.) In this way, they could get to know us better and provided some ideas, suggestions, etc. One of the biggest mistakes they committed was not booking the last night's accommodation. The hotel was booked the next day, just before our departure. We are grateful that our driver was attentive and located us a hotel to stay, and everything ended with a smile.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Erica Brown
    • Review

    We had a great experience in Ireland

    We had a great experience in Ireland. Fantastic experience and was able to experience a lot. I'll be back to Ireland with a certainty. I suggest that you take the self-drive tour, if do not want to travel in groups; this means you don't have the time-limit and are free to do whatever you want to accomplish.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Areeba Gul
    • Review

    The trip was fantastic

    The trip was fantastic and we owe a lot, in large part due in large part, to Irish Tourism and especially Linda Larkin. Linda was able to accommodate our every need. The accommodations and car rental scheduled were exactly what we needed and the whole process went without a hitch. We be recommending this company as well as Linda to any person who plans to travel to Ireland.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Joseph Carlson
    • Review

    The company was extremely responsive

    A rail journey was purchased that comprised accommodations, tours and train tickets that I could customize according to our specific needs. It was only a matter of researching the restaurants as well as other options (i.e. the whiskey tasting). The company was extremely responsive, and we had no issues regarding any reservations they made for us. The company provided us with an extensive itinerary as well as an informational pack prior to our travel.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Holly Jones
    • Review

    The trip was exactly what we imagined it could be

    My husband and we have talked about visiting Ireland for many years. The year of our departure we decided it was time. Linda Larkin & Irish Tourism made are dreams come true. We had an amazing vacation and experienced so much of Ireland. The trip was exactly what we imagined it could be. One reason why I only gave four stars instead of five was that I had the feeling that the first time I emailed Linda I was required repeatedly correct her about what I wanted. I'm not quite sure which issue was causing the issue and we were able to get everything straight and it truly was an experience to remember!

    • May 30, 2023
    • by Deborah Wallace
    • Review

    We are grateful for the experience to remember

    In the process of planning our Ireland trip in the spring 2022, we discovered Irish Tourism and contacted them to find out what they could offer us. They helped us tremendously in designing our trip according exactly to our requirements. Linda Larkin put up with all of our questions as well as itinerary modifications and other issues. The month-long tour in Ireland was well planned by Linda who provided our guests with excellent accommodation, ideas and suggestions for car rental arrangements. Prices quoted at the time we booked the trip one year prior to the trip never changed even a tiny bit. We are grateful for the experience to remember.

    • May 30, 2023
    • by James Hollenbach
    • Review

    I will definitely utilize Irish Tourism again and recommend them to friends

    The schedule perfectly fit the things we were looking forward to doing and was precise but open to change. The accommodations were of high-end standard and easily accessible. Tina was responsive and helpful The entire experience was wonderful. I will definitely utilize Irish Tourism again and recommend them to friends.

    • May 30, 2023
    • by Joan Darrah
    • Review

    Our accommodations are excellent

    Very easy and enjoyable to deal with. Our accommodations are excellent. Everything went smoothly. I'd and would strongly recommended Irish Tourism to my friends and relatives.

    • May 30, 2023
    • by Kimberly Hewitt
    • Review

    Linda Larkin was very professional and pleasant

    Linda Larkin was our agent. She was very professional and pleasant. We had a lot of questions she contacted us to sort the issues in person. The suggestions she offered on car rental insurance, GPS and the direction of travel was excellent. The itinerary was excellent with driving directions, unique locations, and bars. We felt we were able including things that travelers don't get to see.

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