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    • January 8, 2024
    • by Cajun Yan
    • Complaint

    Debt Collections

    I've received four calls as well as two emails from these individuals relating to what appears to be a number of MBNA Bank. I've never worked with the bank, and since they belong to the Bank Of America family i made contact with Bank of America and they stated that they had no records of any accounts with Bank of America or MBNA.

    • January 9, 2024
    • by Wenid Arya
    • Complaint

    Truly Scam

    A message was left on their phone concerning my ex-husband from 18 years ago as well as the auto loan that was dated from 1998. I had the car repossessed prior to the wedding and I believed that it was that my ex's owned it and had it taken away. The people who repossessed the car knew my four digits that comprised my SS number as well as the data regarding the car. "The "litigator" who I was assigned to told me it was not a matter whether I was actually possessing the car as they do not have a time limit for submitting a claim. After I stated that it sounded like a scam and I was not going to sit and listen any longer, he told me "good luck in court". After reading these remarks, I feel that it's an absolute fraud. Also, I checked the court records and discovered that this case has been disqualified, and there were no judgements ordered. Therefore, I'm blaming them. As many others have said this is a fraud.

    • January 12, 2024
    • by Alissa Watts
    • Complaint

    Fake Law Firm for Scam

    My employer received a call concerning serving an employee an action. This employee has left at the company, however the person who called had a good grasp of details. The caller rang an 760-671-1830 number and left 888-635-2853 in the message box as the number to contact-to be contacted "on a very important matter." This sounded genuine, however I called back and asked a lot of questions. This certainly isn't a law firm. The only response was "I can take your client off our list of people to sue." If I asked "so you are not going to answer my questions," the person who called me ended the call. The caller did give an address for 811 Willshire in LA. It's an office complex with a lot of the possibility of renting virtual spaceand of course, I didn't get an apartment number. Don't fall for this- it's convincing initially.

    • January 16, 2024
    • by Rebecca S.
    • Complaint

    They Are Scam

    I called my cell phone to inquire about a the job was a local one. They informed me that I would get a call shortly. I was asked to reach a law company to inform them I didn't know about the circumstance. They said I owed an older debt, and they'd be able to settle it for lower. I asked for further details about the debt, and received this email. After researching the debt, I came across that it was a fraud

    • January 17, 2024
    • by Vinson
    • Complaint

    Bogus Company

    A law firm called me regarding a 20-year old loan on a car that was settled in 2005. They told me they were taking my wages, and then closing all of my accounts in the bank. The firm also informed me that my house, which I stayed in with my husband could be subject to a lien the property. My fake case number was 022-485650.

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