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There are so many e-commerce websites nowadays—almost everything you can buy online.

However, not every website or online shopping platform can offer the expected service.

Some even scam people by sending the wrong product or never shipping the order.

Today, let’s talk about a website called Temu which is becoming popular among buyers and has got decent reviews online.

But can you believe every word shared on the web? Customer reviews can sometimes be misleading and can lead you into traps.

This is why it is essential to do your due diligence before you place an order from a not-so-popular website.

You must read a brief and unbiased Temu review to spend money on this website. 

What is Temu?

As you would find on its official website, Temu claims to connect buyers to sellers worldwide.

The primary perk of the website is that it promises to offer the best deals to its customers.

Most of the products listed on the platform are cheaper than elsewhere and have lucrative price tags.

You can find various items on this e-commerce website.

You can buy clothes, accessories, home appliances, automobiles, tools, etc. They have got a massive library from the nuances of categories. 

In short, most of the primary and premium products are available on this website. And all of these have been marked for high discounts. 

How to Order from Temu?

There is no difference between Temu and other e-commerce websites when it comes to placing an order.

You can choose your products, add those to the cart, add the address, and pay. 

Temu offers different options to sign up on the website. You can use your email id or phone number.

Or you can also use your Google account, Facebook account, and other options to sign up for Temu. 

Is There Any Shipping Charge?

When you sign up on the website, they mention no shipping charge. They also promise a 90 days return policy on their website. 

However, many complaints about orders never being received, or returns never be refunded. In short, many red flags make this website shady and suspicious. 

Is Temu Legit?

There are mixed customer reviews about Temu. Some have spoken so highly about Temu that you would want to place your order immediately.

However, some customers have also raised concerns about bad customer service experience, orders not getting delivered, refunds never being generated, and many other problems. 

Also, Temu offers new users coupons based on the spin wheel results.

Users usually get a $100 voucher regardless of who spins the wheel. But don’t misunderstand. One cannot redeem that coupon just like that. 

There are many conditions one must meet. For instance, the coupon is only for the first-time purchase. Also, one cannot use the entire coupon on any order amount.

There are conditions for that too.

This kind of marketing encourages new buyers to make large purchases. To be candid, this is not a fair way to market or promote products online.

Especially when users are unsure if the products on the website are high quality, they do not even know if they will receive their products after the payment. 

According to Sitejabber, has a rating of 3.74 stars from 255 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Reviewers satisfied with most frequently mention free shipping, online shopping, and full refund on Sitejabber.

According to 99Consumer, has 59 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 stars, and most consumers complain about the manipulation of the discount code and fraud.

Temu has an overall rating of 3.0 stars based on 1048 reviews on TrustPilot, where consumers mainly mention the shipping, quality of the products, and free goodies.

Interestingly, we have also found fraud complaints on the scam-hunting website dirty scam regarding, which some customers accuse as a frustrating e-commerce company that lures people in with heavy discounts only to rip them off.

Temu Reviews: Detailed Analysis of Customer Experiences

Temu’s recent reviews from TrustPilot suggest that the platform has received many negative customer reviews regarding its customer support, delivery, and app.

Nicole from the US gave Temu a 1-star rating, stating that she did not receive her item and that the customer support was unhelpful. She mentioned that her order was delivered to the wrong address.

Despite sending multiple proofs, customer support kept sending her the same email saying it was delivered to the correct address. She further mentioned that there was no way to contact the carrier, and phone calls took forever.

Ricky from CA also gave Temu a 1-star rating, stating that the Temu app was a scam.

He mentioned that the app lured users with gifts and then asked them to send links to friends to get more points to claim the gift.

However, he claimed that he spent two hours selecting three gifts and ended up with nothing, suggesting that it was just a tactic to advertise their app for free.

William Baines from the US gave Temu a 2-star rating, stating that he ordered 11 items, none of which had been delivered.

He mentioned that this was his first and last time ordering from the site and would contact a lawyer to see if he could file a civil lawsuit.

Liam H from the US gave Temu a 1-star rating, warning others not to risk their money on the site. He mentioned that even if it was just $10, it was not worth it, as the order would not arrive.

He suggested that the reviews on the app and products were fake and that Temu would run the scam to get $10 from hundreds of thousands of people before shutting down and rebranding as something else.

Lisa Liang from CA gave Temu a 1-star rating, stating that she did not receive any emails regarding her order, nor did they pack an order list along with her parcel.

She mentioned that she received no late delivery credit and that the customer support was poor.

Liu Xixi from the US gave Temu a 1-star rating, stating that she had never received her order.

She mentioned that she had contacted the customer support team, but they closed her case without asking her anything, claiming it was delivered to the correct address.

She suggested that the purchase protection advertised on the website was fake and that she could contact a lawyer for this.

Sharon from AU gave Temu a 1-star rating, saying the website was designed like a scam.

She mentioned that she clicked on a banner ad for a bag but was redirected to a login screen without her consent, and she could no longer click back to look at the bags she was interested in.

She further mentioned that the site used sketchy-looking pressure techniques like a countdown clock for free delivery if you order within a few hours.

The issues raised by customers include poor customer support, delivery problems, and the use of manipulative tactics to lure customers.

These issues must be addressed to ensure customers trust the platform and have a positive shopping experience.

It is recommended that Temu takes the necessary steps to improve its services and address the issues raised by customers to regain their trust and loyalty.

Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface: The website is well-designed and easy to navigate. Customers can easily find the products they need; checkout is straightforward.

Wide range of products: Temu offers diverse products, from electronics to clothing and beauty, which may attract a broad customer base.

Secure checkout: The website uses SSL encryption to secure customers’ personal and payment information, enhancing trust and confidence in the shopping experience.

Free shipping: Temu offers free shipping for orders above a certain amount, which can be attractive to customers looking to save on delivery fees.


Limited information about the company: There is little information on the website about the company, such as its history, mission, or physical location, which may make it difficult for customers to establish trust in the brand.

Limited customer service options: While the website provides an email address for customer service inquiries, there is no live chat or phone support, which may not be sufficient for customers seeking immediate assistance.

Limited payment options: Temu only accepts a limited range of payment options, such as credit cards and PayPal, which may be inconvenient for customers who prefer other payment methods.

Unethical Promotion: The website uses high-value coupons to entice customers to purchase outright by putting conditions on the minimum order value. 

The Conclusion

Although the website looks legit, it won’t be wise to go ahead and make your first purchase without any research.

Make sure to check the website reviews, find customers’ reviews, and try to analyze if the company is legit. 

In short, thoroughly research Temu before you provide your details on the website, especially the payment information.

If you are still not sure, you can make small orders. This way, even if they do not deliver the product or you do see the expected quality in your purchases, you can stop buying from the website. 

Do not fall for high-value coupons. Instead, look for a legitimate website to buy products online.

And if you have ever used the website and can help others with your valuable feedback, do not forget to add your comments. 

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