Tourism & Travel Show 2023

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    • January 9, 2024
    • by Oben Haus
    • Complaint


    "Jenifer Smith" at 800-245-8983 has sent me the above Travel & Tourism Show invitation. The front of the letter contained the following names: American, United, and Southwest. As with previous correspondence, there was no time frame, but the address included Hyatt Regency but no city or address. For attendance there was a promise of two tickets to RT airlines, including two nights stay at Hilton or Marriott hotels, and those who attend the first 50 events getting a $100 dining voucher. My claim number is KatyAir. Scam to me!

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    • January 11, 2024
    • by Carag
    • Complaint

    Scam History

    I got a mailer asking me and my husband to join a Tourism & Travel Show 2023 however, it did not mention a location or date for the event as well as no website or an email address. It only gave a number. Only indication of the location was the number of the claim I received as NewBraunfels23 Then in the lower part of the email, it stated that it was located in NewBraunfels23 and also gave an image of the Hampton by Hilton Logo, but did not mention which hotel or the date. I searched the internet to determine if the scam was real and discovered this website that had the same scam reported in 2022. Also, it had the same telephone number. Also, a heads-up that it seems like criminals have returned. I didn't dial the number as I thought they were seeking personal data before they started making calls or texts to my mobile.

    • January 16, 2024
    • by Patty Shadde
    • Complaint

    Very UPSET

    I RECEIVED the invitation through USPS to go to the "show" in Fremont CA in the Court yard by Marriot in mid-March. Called. He said he was working out outside town. I was informed, there was no issue, and that I could arrive 15 minutes early.I was there, but my husband unable.They instructed me to fill in the forms but I was unable to take part in the presentation on my own. there was no issue with the on-site woman told me that the telephone contact Jennifer Smith, 886-271-3304 yold her that it was okay. You don't have to be concerned about the amount of time it takes to make the trip. I'd get them regardless via email. two tickets for rt flights to US as vouchers. Then 2 night stays in an Hilton Hotel in US+ $100 voucher for food. I WAITED. I received no email. I contacted them, and they re-edited several times the same the same. . One phone number has been not working and on another number 754-345-1575, it says in the recorded message, " no one here to answer your call, GOOD BYE" It is the Customer Help Line which I had been given before. I AM Very UPSET. I WANT MY TICKETS, VOUCHCHERS , AND FOOD BONUS FOR $100. How can they escape by using this tactic ? Who do I contact now? How do I file this and to whom ? What can I do to sue the company to remedy the violation of the contract? I have a copy of my mail form, which has promises. I'm upset I am hot under my collar, I am very angry and hot under the collar. I'd like my prizes right today or a pound of FLESH. !

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