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    • May 22, 2023
    • by Mary Krelo
    • Complaint

    USPS issue

    I placed an order for the Imbue Botanicals product two weeks ago but haven't yet received it. It's a USPS issue. I've tracked it through the US in the US and have been waiting for thirteen days. The chances are that I'll get it by tomorrow as it's finally arriving within the state that I am in. However, there is the imbue botanicals problem for having such a slow delivery alternative. Other than that, I've been impressed with their products (topical CBD salve).

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Neil Brinson
    • Complaint

    I've been taking the capsules (25mg) and have dramatically improved the quality of my living. I am suffering from the ankle of my foot that is swollen and was becoming extremely painful. CBD from Imbue reduces pain nearly immediately. I'm convinced. In addition, I feel it has fantastic qualities as a sleeping aid.

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Tatiana Suslin
    • Complaint

    Product doesn't do anything!

    The product I purchased wasn't the same as what I thought I received. I purchased what a neighbor told me about her order but what I got was entirely different.Product doesn't do anything!

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Thomas Cimino
    • Complaint

    all three boxes were not delivered

    What happened? ....always your customer service is always excellent excellence...but this time.. I got one box probably before the weekend and two more boxes were delivered five seven later...they were all delivered on the at the same day...unfortunately it was the late boxes that I required the most. Could you look into the reasons why these three boxes didn't arrive thanks to all of you ...... and a big pat

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Karen Pane
    • Complaint

    I'm disappointed with my choice

    However, when the bottle arrived it was unopened and the contents all over the exterior and inside. I bought it for my father, who's old and suffering from anxiety related to aging. There's a little left in the bottle but it's not his favorite since the label is destroyed due to it. CBD Oil. I've purchased the brand previously from a local pharmacy but I'm located about 1500 miles from his. I thought that purchasing online might be an option, but I'm disappointed with my choice. I need your help.

    • June 1, 2023
    • by Dean Ribble
    • Complaint

    I'm extremely disappointed

    I started taking IMBUE 25mg the 11th of June. As of the moment, I still don't feel anything different. I'm extremely disappointed. I thought that at this point I'd start feeling something. I'll give it thirty days before deciding if I'll make another order. At this point, most likely not. $115.00 is quite a bit of money to a retiree and with little results.I have prayed for this to help me to feel lower pain and being more relaxed. Sorry to admit that I can't give it five stars!

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