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    • January 6, 2024
    • by Redrom
    • Complaint

    Unwanted Charges

    I followed the directions within the email and then left five stars on a review of nasal strips that really are very good. The gift card for $20 was later delivered via an email. It worked. There is a possibility that it could be related, but a month later, I got the notice of a fraudulent charge issued by Chase bank (my amazon Visa). It is hard to tell the connection between these two events (I really don't believe they're connected) however I think it would be worthwhile to share on this page in case it occurs to anyone else.

    • January 8, 2024
    • by Jennifer
    • Complaint

    This Is Fraudster

    I received a letter similar to numerous others from this fraudster. The person pretends the company is Amazon and wants me to write reviews to be used by the company. The products only include sexually explicit, and they'd like customers to buy these items. It's clearly fraudulent to make people buy their products through Amazon since they believe they're part of an review system suddenly. Scam

    • January 9, 2024
    • by Grambez
    • Complaint

    Shady Business

    I got a mailer to "Amazon Project" asking me to sign up for the Early Reviewer Project. The only thing I have to do is pick one from 8 sexual toys (pictured in colour). The letter asks me to email my choice to [email protected] and they'll reply within 1 business day. It claims that they "encourage" customers to test and write about their experiences with the product. Really? Wow. To top it all off the fact that I reside in an older apartment in a building that appears to be a bit shady. This isn't to suggest that older people are shrewd, but it seems absurd. In the end of the email, it states "If the invitation brings any inconvenience to you, please accept our sincere apologies" as well as "email to unsubscribe and we will remove you from the list". It was a surprise to me that I had been registered in the first instance.

    • January 11, 2024
    • by O. Hilton
    • Complaint

    No Order Number Given

    I received a note today for me to submit a 5-star review of a $30 gift card. It was a bit odd receiving the letter after having bought something on Amazon as I was able to ordered it in the first week at the beginning of the month. In particular, they wanted to ask to review it in five weeks. I wanted my order number with a photo of my review.

    • January 12, 2024
    • by Yvonne Biondo
    • Complaint

    Not Give Refund

    I wrote a review on an order for the bug zapper from Amazon and never received the $30, so I'll remove my review. I urge you to catch the criminal immediately and send the guy in prison. The name I use is Yvonne Biondo and my purchase took place on December 26, 2023, through Amazon.

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    • January 13, 2024
    • by Culos Grande
    • Complaint

    I got a mailer following the purchase of something from Amazon. However, I'm not sure how they got all my information. They'd like to review me but writing letters to individuals exactly like this makes the impression that your private information has been put being shared with the incorrect hands.

    • January 16, 2024
    • by Lee Pop.
    • Complaint

    Fake Advertise

    This is a scam and you shouldn't be bothered. There are genuine reviews, but once you contact them, you will receive an email back. "Do it for the likes". In essence, begging for positive reviews.

    • January 17, 2024
    • by Nelson
    • Complaint

    Scam Alert

    When you look at the letter it's easy to tell that it's suspicious. I decided to throw away the first one on suspicion, and the next one, I nearly believed it may be genuine if it came in a second time for something different I had ordered. However, I was not a fool and went with my instincts. Check the address, name, and look up scam alerts.

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