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    • May 22, 2023
    • by David Stadler
    • Complaint

    These shirts aren't private

    I ordered two different grandpa Shirts in size XL. One of them is that the sleeves are too long. On the other hand one, the neck is too big. These shirts aren't private. I was labeled for Celtic Clothing via other clothing businesses. However, they have different sizing patterns. Today I get the privilege of returning them at my own expense to get my money back for the shirts, not the shirts. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Kathy Chekani
    • Complaint

    Oh gee! The coupon that is a special offer cannot be found. Many requests for customer support were required and did not appear when the coupon code was entered. Going through the checkout was a bit frustrating as the IPhone screen only showed the letters that were left of the fields that were required. The time it took me was 42 minutes for me to determine that the fields requirements. It would be nice if the final step of ordering had been identical to the presentation of exquisite authentic Irish dry products. I started scratching my IRISH eyes and not smiling, holding my holy medals for power and harmony.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by George Vinnie
    • Complaint

    the size was big

    I was disappointed that the garment was too small and the size was big. Then, I complied with the directions and sent the garment back. I also paying for cost of shipping and the postage. I then bought another double-x in accordance with your suggestions. I hope it works this moment.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Iesha Watkins
    • Complaint

    Received my order. It was delivered quickly, but the shirts do not fit

    Received my order. It was delivered quickly, but the shirts do not fit. I bought the traditional Irish Grandfather T-shirt that is shade Natural and at the Dublin Irish Festival and love it. It's a small size and fits perfect. The latest shirt I bought Traditional Irish Grandfather Shirt, in Cloud Blue size Small, is a bit tiny. It isn't even able to wrap to my neck. The sleeves are longer than the one I have in my Natural colour shirt. I purchased the same shirt on Amazon but it turned out to be too large, so I purchased another one through the seller. The same problem. Not sure how I'm expected to achieve the proper fitting, but do help.I got an email confirming that the cart that had one item is saved. I had already bought the item and received an email to confirm the purchase.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by George Sedora
    • Review

    The staff has been very friendly accommodating, friendly, and grateful.

    As of now, I've discovered that the quality of your products are outstanding. Your company and another are the only two places I have found authentic items that originate from Ireland within the USA. One issue that I am having is that it's almost impossible to communicate with someone at Celtic clothing. I can talk and inquire with someone in person at the second store. The staff has been very friendly accommodating, friendly, and grateful.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Paul Sullivan
    • Review

    Additional information would prove very useful

    Please provide the dimensions of vests measured in inches that include length, chest and waist. It is not possible to correspond to the shirt measurements. I picked a 2XL size vest, based on the size 2XL shirts I bought at your store. The vest wasn't nearly as big like the t-shirt I purchased. I paid the shipping from my pocket expenses for the return of the vest. Additional information would prove very useful. Good product in any case.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by John Rothgaber
    • Review

    The products are made well and are way too tiny

    I'll return the two vests as well as two grandfather's shirts that I bought to give my husband as a present for Christmas. The vests are small, and the shirts don't provide enough room on the shoulders for him to be able to move. This is a pity. The products are made well and are way too tiny.

    • May 27, 2023
    • by Rose Montanari
    • Review

    the inside was ripped

    I'm giving three star rating due to the fact that the blue dress I received contained buttons I had to put back in place as they were hanging loose as well as the left pocket was also required to be repaired as the inside was ripped.

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