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    • January 8, 2024
    • by Jenny A61
    • Complaint

    Unsettling Experience

    I get calls on a daily basis each day Barbara who is with an Advantage Approval Department asking me to answer her calls. I was able to see that the number used to call the actual call isn't identical to the number that was that is associated with the message on my voicemail. Then Barbara gives me a new number me to contact. Barbara never calls me from the same phone number (at the number that is not easily identifiable) and her caller ID on her voicemails do not correspond to the number she is identifying as the one calling. Do you know who the individual is? I called various numbers utilized so far this week (11:32 PM CDT) just one of them was answered, but it immediately ended up hanging up.

    • January 9, 2024
    • by Sarah Ortiz
    • Complaint

    Never answer or respond

    Voicemail Text: " Yes, this is Barbara with Advantage approval department. My phone number is 8663601084. I left you a message last week. I'm not sure if you've spoken to an assigned agent regarding our advantage program. Um but I do see your pre approval is for up to $51,000. So I'm just gonna go ahead and keep this impending status for you. And if you have about 10 minutes today, call me back and we can go over the details as well as the benefits. Um again, my phone number is (866) 360 1084. Thank you." Many calls coming from various numbers, multiple every day. Don't answer or even respond to any call. If I block a number, another calls me and the cycle and it never stops.

    • January 11, 2024
    • by K. Orikum
    • Complaint

    No respone from Representative

    I've received several calls coming from different numbers that I have on my mobile from Barb or Barbara from the Advance Approval Department saying that I was approved for an $5100.00 loan. She will leave the loan in limbo and I must phone her back(which I haven't done until now) by calling 866-511-0069. The lady isn't sure that I've talked to a representative and have to contact her. I'll keep the messages and phone numbers until I receive a reply in regards to whether they could serve as proof to stop her from working.

    • January 12, 2024
    • by F. Croyali
    • Complaint

    I received a call that informed me that I had been accepted, and I'm trying to find out what is the matter with me. put it in my voice mail...I made a copy of the message, so beware! Here is my voice mail today...Yes I am Barbara from the Advantage Approval Department. My number is the number (866)625-0021. I left a message for you this week. I'm unsure if it's been a while since you've talked to the agent assigned to you concerning your Advantage program. However, I'm sure that the pre-approval for you is as much as $51,000. This is why I'm gonna continue to keep this status on hold for you and, if you've got around 10 minutes to spare today, please contact me and we'll go over the particulars and the advantages. The number is the number (866)625-0021.

    • January 13, 2024
    • by Gary Brent
    • Complaint

    It's a scam phone contact her by name Barbara does not even mention my name. only says I left the message. I'm eligible for $51,000.Please end this. The people who are involved should be locked up!

    • January 16, 2024
    • by Shanna Walter
    • Complaint

    Fake Calling Number

    Barbara delivered a quick talk, attempting to convince Me that I've been pre-approved to receive the amount of cash. Barbara explained that it's going to be just about 10 minutes. I attempted to return a phone message from Barbara via an number listed by my mobile, however it refused to take calls. I can't imagine! I'd like Advantage Approval's approval to stop me being called by a robot! It would be wonderful to get an approval of $51,000, provided that Barbara as well as Advantage Approval are authentic. Shanna Stop calling.

    • January 17, 2024
    • by Jennifer Plenty
    • Complaint

    Harassing Robot Calling

    I've had numerous phone emails from Advantage Approval as well as an automated voice, called Barbara presented a brief video trying to convince me that I'm pre-approved to receive some amount of money. Barbara said that it will be just approximately 10 minutes. I attempted to return a phone call from Barbara at an number that were identified by my mobile, however it wouldn't take calls. just imagine! I'd like Advantage Approval's approval to stop me being called by a robot! It would be great to be approved for $51,000, as long as Barbara or Advantage Approval are authentic.

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