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    • January 8, 2024
    • by Kirdeo
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    It is a fraudster who makes use of robo dials and sends threats to call you in your workplace, which isn't legally permitted. This number is listed as Benjamin Logostic Services and the number is changed about using the same robo-call. The other number they used was 888-82-0603. If somebody is about to give you a copy of their papers, they will not be notified first. These scammers are able to steal information and make calls.

    • January 9, 2024
    • by A. Jacobi
    • Complaint

    Telecaller Scam

    I received a telephone message from 888-324-0141, but I was unable to take the call. I contacted the number and was informed that it call was from Piedmont Solutions and they were calling me prior to my case was referred to wage garnishment, and then transferred to the county court. The representative told me that I had received an advance on my payday from 911 Payday Loan, in 2020. She didn't mention the amount that was loaned or removed the final 4 of my SSnumber. I was told that, when the time came to repay the loan by the bank I would not accept the payment at the time of 2020. Then, I informed my caller that I had never taken out a payday loan and that I would take her to the court.

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