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    • January 8, 2024
    • by R. Wolff
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    This Is A Scam

    I received calls from various number coming from Cornell & Associates, Process Service Division (Jennifer at 877-840-2670) informing me that they need verification of my address before they could deliver me papers. A different call that referred to the same case number received by Karen in which she claimed she was part of the PFD? After I contacted them and got no Jennifer. I informed the person who called me that I would like to expose them as fraud. They assured me they were an authentic law firm. I was asked to provide the number of case I was assigned, then I was transferred to a person. I asked him to stop calling me. He also told me it was because they'd got an untrue number for me. He claimed that the individual he was seeking is born 1950. He also provided me with the final four numbers of his social security number that was not mine. I again told him that he was an incorrect name for the person. He said that he'd confirm it dialing my mobile number (which I'm pretty sure was obtained through Caller ID). Next thing I realized, my phone was calling from the "unknown" number. I inquired if it was his. Then he gave me his date of birth, as well as the correct numbers for the final four digits on my SS number and told me there was no connection with me! I never gave him that data, but it was already connected to my number. I'm not sure if this is scamming or not, however it's very troubling. When I search for Cornell & Associates on-line, it appears that they have offices across the US, but ScamPulse.com doesn't have any details on Cornell & Associates.

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